5 make-up tricks I use for hiding the fatigue

Hello everyone!

I hope you have had a nice (and relaxing) weekend! By relaxing I mean chill, with no sleeping that late or getting up too early, reasonable partying and so on 🙂

But what happens when you have a tough night and cannot get the rest that you need (due to staying late, not being able to sleep (enough or at all) or having a bad sleep)?

I guess we have all been through at least one of the situations above and looking in the mirror the next day seemed the worse thing ever – dark circles, eye pouches, matte skin, tired look. This would not be the whole problem, but what happens when you only have a couple of minutes to get decent and go out?
Although that period when I was staying late in the evening due to partying has gone for a couple of years (yes, I am getting old now 😛 ), it still happens to me (due to a laaaarge number of reasons) to not be able to get the rest my body requires and in the next morning have the Emoticon, Emoji, Choque, Sorpresa, Dibujos Animadoslook on my face and only 10 minute to get ready for leaving the house (well..I would like to have this look, with the eyelashes full of mascara and red lips, but this is only in my nicest dreams :S ).

These are the 5 make-up tricks that I do in order to get the fresh look after a not so relaxing night:

  1. I use the make-up base only on the parts of my face where I really consider that it is necessary, namely on the problematic zones.
  2. I only use an eyeshadow in a natural color, with a creamy and nacreous texture. I apply it on the entire esyelid, until right under the eyebrow. Of course, before applying it, I use the eyeshadow primer in order to fix the color. A natural and nacreous color of the eyeshadow lightens the eyes and removes the tired look. So..in this cases, no elaborated make-up using 2-3 colors, but just the basic – as you know, less is more 😀
  3. I exaggerate with the mascara – oh yes, I admit it, I apply two layers of volume mascara (the second time after a couple of minutes since applying the first layer in order for it to have been fixed).
  4. I use a strong color for lipstick in order for the attention to be deviated from the tired eyes.
  5. This is something which I do not do that often, especially as I am not a big fan of the blush. However, I have recently received a new one from the US which I really like so I have started using the blush again. It is known that blushed cheeks are a sign of healthiness, so applying a light layer of blush hides the signs of fatigue.

What do you think of the above, have you ever used any of these tricks to hide the signs of fatigue? What other trick do you use? Please share it with me 🙂



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