Happiness and rainbows

Hello everyone!

Spring is coming in a few days, I am enjoying the last days of February and will leave behind the cold weather and the unusual rain that we had in Alicante this season. Enough is enough so now let’s get ready for sunny days, thin clothes and lots of colors!

Last weekend my mobile phone “warned” me that it is almost full and that I should erase some of the huge amount of videos and pictures I have. Although ashamed, I have to admit that I did no plan to invest in a professional camera for taking pictures, thus my phone is the tool I use in this respect (I guess however that you have noticed this yourselves by the quality of the pictures I share with you on the blog 😛 ). Checking the pictures, I have remembered many great moments spent since September and until now, special moments with family and friends, gestures and laughter which made my day.. I am sharing with you some pictures taken one very special day for me and wish you to have a lovely spring, with clear blue sky, no rain and lots of rainbows (PS: maybe you are not superstitious, but did you know that they say that seeing a rainbow means good luck and hope? 🙂 )


Big kiss and “see” each other soon!


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