My favourite business outfit this autumn- winter season (dress)

Hello my dear friends!

The new year has come with lots of new projects at work which cannot make me happier as I really love what I am doing and each new job challenge, although quite stressful at the beginning, makes me give the best of me and improve professionally.

This post is about how do we get dressed at work? Of course, as you may say, it depends on the job itself, the job requirements and the job environment. From my experience (and I changed around 3-4 work places until now), even if there is no concrete dress code at your job, this could be easily noticed further to seeing your colleagues or checking your responsibilities. So, one thing is whether your job implies having meetings with clients or potential clients, if you do a desk job and you do not get out too often from your office, or whether none of the above applies but your boss requires for all to be dressed in a certain manner, just to show some respect towards the firm, its values and your colleagues.

To be honest, I have never had experiences with a tough dress code, however almost in all my previous jobs I was requested to have a more or less business look.

Usually, I am always keen on an outfit per season which I love to wear at work so this is why I wanted to show you which was my favorite for this autumn-winter season. I was thinking to show you first the one with a skirt/dress, and in a next post – my favourite look with pants that I have intensively worn this season.

So, this is the first one and the next one – to be continued in a subsequent post 🙂

And you, do you have a dress code at work and what do you prefer to wear?wp-1485701766611.jpgimg-20170129-wa0014img-20170129-wa0011img-20170129-wa0015img-20170129-wa0010img-20170129-wa0009



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