My wish-list for this year – 6 main plans I have for 2017


Hello, hello, hope you have enjoyed the last day of this year and are getting ready to start the new year with a lot of enthusiasm and optimism!

The end of the year is always a period when I put on rewind the last 12 months of my life and make the balance between what I planned to achieve and what did or did not get materialize. 2016´s balance is not bad, although there are still some things left for this year – hope to put myself together in 2017 and finalize these as well. They are not core things and could wait for some time, however I have them pending since 2015 so I think it is the right moment to finalize them and get to the next fresh plans on my list (I have to confess that when I see many things pending on my list for a long time and I postpone doing them, I become a little stressed and cannot totally relax until they are not ticked off; so, I should start working on them as soon as possible).

Like I do every year, I have been thinking lately of things that I would like to do this year and for which I should struggle a bit more than usual to get finalized. My list is quite comprehensive (maybe this is why sometimes I cannot tick all of them ;)), however I would like to share with you the first six of them, leaving aside the most personal ones jaja. Here it goes:

  1. I would like to continue my Japanese classes that I have started in 2016 and improve a bit more with each class;
  2. I would like to travel more and go to places which I have always dreamt of, but which, for several reasons, seem complicated to me (such as Japan, India and Mexico);
  3. I would like to keep writing on this blog and improve my writing and advertisement skills, as well as the photos I take, by presenting not only an eye-catching content, but also a content with substance, non-superfluous; I admit that sometimes it is a bit difficult to me to start writing on the blog (although when I start doing it, I do it with lots of excitement and things come out easily; nevertheless, what takes me a lot of time is deciding to do it, turning on the tablet and opening the blog page 😛 );
  4. I would like to broaden my friends circle by meeting new people with interests which are similar to mine (either people following my blog or people whose blog I am following, as well as persons whom I could meet in other circumstances);
  5. I would like to be able to see my family and closest friends more often, although this does not always depend on me, but on my working schedule as well (this one is quite connected to number 2 above);
  6. I would like to attend as much as possible the dancing lessons I am taking which sometimes, for diverse reasons, I put on the second plan and miss because of not being abler to prioritize well.

I hope I will be able to fulfill all of them or at least to know that I have done all my best in this respect 🙂 And you, did you think of what you wish for this year?

Happy New 2017 to all of you, dear Octo-friends 🙂


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