Is the Black Friday that black?

Hello everybody!

A new week has just commenced and I am getting ready to face all the busy schedule that is expecting me until the end of the year.’s good that we have days like those of last weekend that fill you with energy and good mood 🙂 The Black Friday (and Saturday, Sunday etc.) has passed and things were getting really crazy in nice and (usually) quiet Alicante.

I couldn’t go shopping on Friday, but I took advantage of the Saturday to tick everything that was on my WISHlist: some things for decorating the house, a dress that I wanted for some time from El Corte Ingles, a perfume from Jimmy Choo and presents for my family and closest friends. To be honest, it is the first Black Friday when I did not jump into the shopping malls or stores like in other years – might this be because I am getting older and wiser and I plan to invest in other things than clothes?  :D…guess not, I love clothes,  perfumes, cosmetics and accessories, just that I did not find something to really make me buy it, except for the dress which I was chasing for a looooong time and the perfume which was more like a necessity as the one I am having now is almost finishing and really needed a new one.

I think I enjoyed more buying things for my family and friends and feeling the atmosphere in the city. I stopped of course for a Toffee Nut Latte at Starbucks and felt like on holiday…the only thing that was missing was Santa Claus, however I made sure to get some presents for myself and get into the Xmas spirit 😀 I don’t know why they call this Black me black is something with negative connotations, I even avoid wearing too much black as it contrasts with my (usual) good mood. I love colors so for me, the Black Friday should turn into Pink Friday – it is enough to see people’s faces when grabbing a discounted item in order to realize that the Black Friday has nothing black 🙂

So, what did you do last weekend, what are the latest (fashion and non-fashion) acquisitions? Looking forward to your comments!!

This is me before starting the marathon.


About the outfit: dress – Stradivarius, jacket – random, shoes – Zara, bag – Paco Martinez, earrings – Parfois


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