Love and marriage at Fira Novios Alicante 2016

During November 11-13, Alicante hosted the weddings fair Fira Novios at IFA, Torrellano. A perfect occasion for seeing the latest fashion collections for party and wedding 2017, together with some of the best offers for hair and makeup, honeymoon trips, wedding locations and much more.

As I am directly interested in this (yes, next year it’s my turn, I am actively organizing THE day :)), I wanted to have a look and maybe get some ideas or improve the ones that I have. Basically, I already have the dress (which by the way, I thought it would be the most complicated thing, but however I managed to find it in the second attempt, which is not bad at all considering the fact that it takes me a lot to decide on buying day to day clothes and I always thought that buying the wedding dress would take me a lot of time), the location and the wedding rings, but I wanted to see whether I can find any good places for hair and makeup, flowers arrangements and the best of all: the honeymoon.

We spent there about three hours, but not only for checking the place, but also because we took part into a gown and wedding dresses parade which was realllyyyyy nice 🙂 Although as I said before, I already have the dress, I wanted to see the collections they presented, as to be honest, I only tried on my dress once some months ago and I liked it so much, so I wanted to remember those moments while seeing the models on stage. I know this sounds insane, however the feeling is so nice, you feel like a real princess (especially if you are not used to going to those kind of parties where the dress code obliges you to wear a long dress), so I wanted to travel back in time and remember how my dress is, at least until I get the chance to put it on again for THE day 🙂

As expected, the best collection for me was AIRE BARCELONA  (in Alicante, you can find it in Rosana Canto’s store, not sure whether there are any other stores in Alicante having AIRE dresses). My dress is from Rosana’s store as well, but it is another collection, namely ALMA NOVIAS.

For makeup and hair , unfortunately, did not find something to say wow, so I will keep searching. There is still some time, so I don’t want to panic yet and become a bridezilla 😀

What we did find (and then, when coming home in the evening, studied a lot), were many many honeymoon offers from some of the best travel agencies in town. Although there were several travel agencies showing their offers, I am inclined in going on a trip with one of the reputed ones..please do not get me wrong, I am not picky or superficial, but I do not want to arrive to my destination or need something during my trip and have nobody reliable to approach to or to be totally ignored, like it happened to some friends of mine when travelling and the agency totally ignored them when they had some issues there. So, getting back to the matter, we got home with lots of catalogues and offers for honeymoons which now we are considering, depending on the distance and budget 🙂 We have no idea yet where to go and the amount of possibilities makes it more difficult..what we do know is that we don’t want to go to the beach (we have this in Alicante as well, right?) and we would really like to go sightseeing and visiting several cities. I will let you know when we make a decision 🙂

Until then, I leave below some pictures of the nicest dresses presented during the parade (which belong to AIRE collection), as per my personal opinion. Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, they were done with my mobile phone and the place was quite dark.


And this is me before getting there, with the purple look 🙂






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