Who likes daisies? A quien les gustan las margaritas?

Hello everybody!

I am here with an English post again 🙂

The calendar says that summer is ending soon, however in my city autumn is far away. We usually enjoy summer until late September and to be honest, there are many girls wearing sandals until October. I really love this feeling, knowing that chill weather is approaching almost everywhere, but I am so privileged that I can postpone the moment with a couple of more weeks. Anyway, autumn and winter here are not too bad either, so I cannot complain 🙂

In my attempt to prolong the nice and sunny weather I decided to put on the below outfit the other day when going out. It was quite hot and the white pants were rather difficult to wear, but I realized this too late, when I was already out of my flat and I was too lazy to go back and change my clothes. Well… this is one of the moments when a classic black and white combination of colors becomes burdensome to wear, but not impossible 🙂  I had a wonderful lunch with my boyfriend and his family and enjoyed each and every minute of it. In the pics below I am wearing Zara pants and a t-shirt from a small shop in my country which has clothes right on my taste (when I go there it is impossible to stay away from the hangers and even if I don’t need anything, I always end up buying something). The sandals are from Zendra (el Corte Ingles).

IMG-20160828-WA0025IMG-20160828-WA0024 (2)IMG-20160828-WA0020

I hope you like it!!

How are you enjoying the last summers days? Looking forward to your comments.




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