Flowers by Adolfo Dominguez

Hello everybody!

Today I am in the English mood so I really wanted to post something in English. I must admit that sometimes, it is easier for me to express my thoughts in English. If you have checked my blog, you must have seen that Spanish is not my mother tongue (neither is English however I am more used to it than Spanish), so this is why sometimes I might use a wrong syntax in Spanish or not mark the accents (unless Word spelling check does it for me and than I realize that something was missing indeed jaja).

Today’s post is about a very very special dress for me from Adolfo Dominguez which I simply adore. I have it for some time (4 years if I am not wrong) and although I do not wear it a lot, I feel it is a valuable piece of clothing in my dressing. I put it on last weekend when I had a fancier event outdoors. Although it has bright colors, I don’t know why but I believe that I should basically wear it during more “formal” events, and not on a daily basis or for an usual lunch or going out. As I was not prepared to post this picture on the blog, the photo just focuses on the dress (and my face jaja), and unfortunately you cannot see the sandals I was wearing – these may follow in a next post anyway, so no problem 🙂

I hope you like it!

IMG-20160724-WA0015 (2)




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